Popular Beverly Hills Attractions

Here are a few top attaractions in Beverly Hills.

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The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style was introduced in 2003 by the City of Beverly Hills and the Rodeo Drive Committee to honor style legends for their contributions to the worlds of fashion and entertainment.

Selected by an independent group of representatives from the media, entertainment and fashion industries, the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style honors industry leaders with a lasting tribute that commemorates their life-long achievements. Honorees are presented with permanent plaques featuring their personal quotes and signatures, which are then embedded into the sidewalks along Rodeo Drive.

Recipients of the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Award have celebrated this distinguished honor with star-studded awards ceremonies at landmark Beverly Hills locations including Rodeo Drive, the Beverly Hills Post Office and Beverly Hills City Hall.


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Gotta cruise Mulholland drive!

This is an awesome scenic highway with lots of turnouts for pictures.  Exit  the 405 and then take that stretch of highway into the Hollywood Bowl area.  I would highly recommend doing it the opposite way, because when you come from the 405, all of the scenic overlook turnouts are going to be on the other side of the road.This means making  some crafty illegal u turns or pulling over onto a tiny shoulder to take pictures, with a highway inches away, and a sheer drop on the other..

Also be sure to STAY On Mulholland drive, meaning watch for the signs and the quick splits in the road that can send you down into the canyons and away from the higher vantage points.    I can’t wait to go back at night and see the nighttime views!  If you stop to take pictures, security might tell you to move on.  I guess you are close to a stars house and they are protecting there privacy.  I have seen complaints about that in reveiws.


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